How Will You Maintain A Dental Unit Effectively?

The most important part of running a Dental clinic is the maintenance of the dental unit. It may turn out to be a tedious task if not planned properly. One should understand that the equipment used is expensive. If not maintained properly it can be more expensive to buy new equipment. At times even, the repair work is expensive. Thus, the dental unit has to be properly maintained. It alleviates the possibility of any sudden problems. It also increases the life of the equipment. The maintenance of the dental unit helps the equipment run smoothly and make them more reliable.

You can create a list of things that are to be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for that maintenance purpose. Take a look at the list below for the efficient maintenance of your dental unit:

Dental Unit

Daily Work:

It is important that few things are done daily. You must lubricate and sterilize the hand pieces on a daily basis. Flushing water through both air and water syringes is also to be done on a daily basis. This will make them safe for use. The trays used should be cleaned too. The waterlines on the hand pieces should be cleaned between all the patients. Disinfecting the units after a surgery is done is essential. This will kill the germs present in the room. The hazardous and infectious wastes must be disposed of regularly. This will prevent any possible infection. The ultrasonic should be filled with fresh water and solution on a daily basis. One must not forget to clean the ultrasonic cleaner at the end of the day. The x-ray machines, sterilizers, and all the machines should be switched off at the end of the day.

Weekly Work:

The work that has to be done on a weekly basis is an important task too. The traps on the dental units must be changed every week. This work can be tricky on daily basis thus you should prefer doing it on a weekly basis. Consider changing the o-rings on the ejector valves. The gaskets on the hand pieces should also be taken care of. The safety hazards measures in the office should be checked regularly. The sterilizers should be checked properly if any defect is found you can call for the operator during the weekly off.

Monthly Work:

The device used to monitor the patients should be evaluated once a month. This will help you to track the number of patients coming in every month. This will also help you to keep the required medicines handy for the coming month.  The panoramic cassettes should be cleaned every month.  The intensifying screens should be taken care of. If needed the master traps could be replaced. You should look at the office from a patients’ point of view and see if any changes are needed in the seating arrangement.

Dental Unit

Yearly Work:

Annually you can look out at the problems of the clinic which still persist. If required, you can also relocate the office if you feel the space is not being used properly or it is getting congested. The oiling of the compressor needs to be changed annually. The x-ray machine can be inspected by the professionals. Regular services of these types of equipment will help. Inspection of the fire alarm and fire extinguisher should be done without fail. This will help in any emergencies. The cassette seats and sterilizer doors can be replaced if needed. These things help in improving the life of the dental unit.

The Dental unit is the workplace of the dentists, without proper maintenance of the dental unit the work carried out by them would not be efficient. So, look out for these tips for a well-maintained dental unit.


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